Green Building with The Brigman Group

We love where we work, so we want to take care of it! The importance of green building and sustainable building practices becomes increasingly apparent every day. The Brigman Group is committed to practicing more sustainable methods of building to promote a healthy indoor and outdoor environment for our clients and communities. To ensure we are meeting these standards, The Brigman Group utilizes a third-party rating certification through the NC Green Built Program and is an active member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council. These are just a few aspects we implement into our structures.




Thoughtful and creative designs allow us to not only maximize the use of natural and raw materials, but allows the end user to have a relationship with the outdoors. Through careful site considerations, like erosion control, infill opportunities and site preparation, and native planting and groundcover plans, we are able to utilize the natural landscape and materials of a jobsite. This creates a structure that respects the land it is built on and works in tandem with our environment.

In addition to working with the naturally occurring environment, careful planning is taken to maximize the use of building materials and recycling opportunities. Using locally and regionally available materials in a responsible manor reduces our impact.

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Energy Efficiency

Integrating all systems of a home in a cost effective way while reducing overall energy consumption is key to a high performance home. We are committed to implementing as many energy efficient practices into our homes as we can. Through insulation and air sealing, using high efficient heating and cooling systems, utilizing solar power and natural lighting, and using Energy Star rated products we are able to create a structure that saves money while reducing energy consumption. 

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air quality

Creating a healthy indoor environment for our clients is very important to The Brigman Group. It is our responsibility to use low or no VOC materials to ensure the health of our clients and crews. By using high efficient HVAC systems that reduce allergens, increase fresh air flow, and uses energy efficiently and effectively, we are able to help our clients achieve a healthier and happier indoor environment.


To learn more about sustainable building methods, what it takes to be a green builder, green certifications, and the importance of preserving our environment to the best of our abilities click below to visit Western North Carolina Green Building Council.